About Us

Iron Made Apparel is a small South Florida based company with a vision to produce comfortable clothes with a strong opinion. The company originated over 7 years ago with multiple name changes but didn't come to life until over a year ago. 

We are a company made up of dedicated gym enthusiasts who love wearing clothes that stick out and possibly offend. We get what it's like for everyone from all stages of fitness, from the beginner, to the daily gym goer, to the competitor, to even the obstacle course racers.  We don't talk much when we are in the gym or training so we let our clothes do the talking for us. We like lifting dumbbells and dead lifting bars. We love flipping tires and slamming sledgehammers.

We are YOU. And we are here to MOTIVATE YOU and those around you !

After countless design changes and over 30+ designs still waiting to come, we are just getting started.This is only the start of a very large vision and we are happy to bring you along for the ride!